Witcham Parish Council

News and information from Witcham Parish Council, which plays a key role in Witcham, acting as a sounding board and defending the interests of the community.

Witcham Parish Council Members

Mick Housden


01353 777181

17 The Slade Witcham
Ely CB6 2LA

Responsibilities: Cemetery, Recreation Ground and Play Areas, CAPALC

Karl Mackender


01353 777640

19 High Street Witcham
Ely CB6 2LQ

Responsibilities: Cemetery

Julia Bibby


01353 777267

26 Martins Lane Witcham
Ely CB6 2LB

Responsibilities: Cemetery, Village Hall Committee

Laura Holdaway


01353 774717

Witcham House, Headleys Lane
Witcham, Ely CB6 2LH

Responsibilities: Cemetery

Jane Lucas


01353 777548

8 The Orchards
Ely CB6 2LR
Responsibilities: Cemetery, Public Rights of Way

Sue Bell

Parish Clerk/RFO

c/o17 Astley Close
Cambs CB6 2PG

Next Council Meetings

All items for the agenda must be received by the Clerk at least 1 week prior to the scheduled meeting. The meetings start at 7.30pm. There is an opportunity for the electorate to attend these meetings and provision is made for public participation/ question time, (15 minutes) at each meeting. Please contact the Clerk prior to the meeting. Tel 01353 778147